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Fourier Intelligence Inks Industry-Academic Partnership with The University of Queensland

The public research university forges an agreement with the SoftBank-backed rehab robotics leader, Fourier Intelligence

SINGAPORE, April 11, 2022 – Fourier Intelligence announces its partnership with The University of Queensland (UQ). The partnership was inked to deliver research for personalised robotic therapy for restoration of walking function after stroke combining Fourier Intelligence’s EXOPS™, and UQ’s expertise in Neuroengineering, Rehabilitation, Medical Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence.

The project, led by Dr Alejandro Melendez-Calderon (UQ), involves a transdisciplinary research team of Biomedical and Rehabilitation Engineers, Scientists, and Clinicians across multiple faculties and institutes and aims at co-developing robot-assisted methods for promoting recovery, suited to the Australian healthcare system.

A virtual signing was held on the 6th of April 2022 to commemorate the partnership between Fourier Intelligence and UQ. The virtual signing ceremony was attended by Zen Koh, Co-Founder and Group Deputy CEO, CEO of Global HQ, Owen Teoh, General Manager, Sarah Lim, Assistant Director of Support Services, Taya Hamilton, Clinical Consultant, Oceanic Region, Chen Onn Leong, Manager for Scientific Research from Fourier Intelligence; Prof. Denny Oetomo, co-director of the University of Melbourne & Fourier Robotics Laboratory; and Lisa Kennedy, Director of Research Partnerships, and Dr Alejandro Melendez-Calderon, Principal Investigator, from The University of Queensland.

Top from left: Owen Teoh, Zen Koh, Lisa Kennedy, Prof Denny Oetomo
Bottom from left: Chen Onn Leong, Sarah Lim, Dr Alejandro Melendez-Calderon, Taya Hamilton

With this partnership, The University of Queensland will become part of the Global Rehabilitation & Assistive Technology (GReAT) Network – an international association between top academic and clinical institutions around the world to optimise resource sharing and knowledge transfer in assistive and rehabilitation technologies. The goal is to facilitate the efforts of engineers, academics, and clinical stakeholders focused on translational research from early research and development stages into clinical adoption.

The team is leveraging capabilities created by the UQ Artificial Intelligence (AI) Collaboratory Initiative and Fourier Intelligence’s unique  EXOPS™ platform combined with the company’s comprehensive rehabilitation solutions portfolio.

Fourier has developed its very own intelligent healthcare robotics technology platform, RehabHub™, to provide tailored digital healthcare solutions that will revolutionise the neurorehabilitation industry. Using Fourier Intelligence’s RehabHub™ technology and the EXOPS™ platform, UQ and other research groups around the globe are working to ensure advanced technologies provide meaningful, individualised, and effective therapy that is widely applicable and enhances the quality of life of patients worldwide.

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Fourier Intelligence’s ArmMotus™ EMU Wins ‘Red Dot Design Award’

The SoftBank-funded robotics leader Fourier Intelligence announces their accolade for the 3D upper limb rehabilitation robot from one of the most sought-after industrial design awards, also known as the “Oscar” of the sector

SHANGHAI, April 6, 2022 – Fourier Intelligence announces its Red Dot Design accolade for its 3D upper limb rehabilitation robot, the ArmMotus™ EMU. The device was evaluated by over 50 experts, including independent designers, design professors, and industry media partners based on the merits of its ergonomic design, aesthetics, and product functionality.

The ArmMotus™ EMU is the world’s first 3D back-drivable upper limb rehabilitation robot, setting a new benchmark for intelligent rehabilitation devices. With it being a multifunctional, immersive, end-effector based 3D upper limb rehabilitation robot, the ArmMotus™ EMU brings a whole new experience of robotics rehabilitation therapy to the world.

The design of the ArmMotus™ EMU has redefined the human-machine interaction. It is the first of its kind that applies the end-effector based concept to  3D movements, which makes it multifunctional and transparent. This transparency starts with a cable-driven mechanism, that combines with a 4-linkage structure, which perfectly reduces the friction and inertia during the movement of the system. This design also enables the control system to respond and execute more efficiently.

The device was made possible through industry-academic collaboration by research. The EMU was jointly built by Fourier Intelligence and the University of Melbourne Robotics Laboratory. After numerous studies and assessments from a simple wooden prototype, the ideal device was developed. The device was launched into the market back in September 2021 during the virtual RehabWeek 2021.

With its excellent R&D capabilities and its productivity at the helm of innovation, Fourier Industrial Design Centre was formerly awarded the 2021 Shanghai Design Innovation Centre whilst the ArmMotus™ EMU proved to be a world-leading masterpiece through recognition from its Red Dot Award.

Red Dot is one the most sought-after seals of quality for good design. Also known as the “Oscar” of the sector, the ‘Red Dot Design Award’ stands for its international design competition based on excellence in product designs and concepts by experts.

Aiming to provide a better life for the people through intelligent technology, Fourier Intelligence will continue to invest in research and development of robotic technology to deliver an end-to-end solution for various applications of robots.

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Fourier Intelligence Inks Strategic Alliance Partnership with MyndTec Inc.

The award-winning Canadian MyndMove™ therapy from MyndTec. Inc joins SoftBank-backed rehab robotics leader Fourier Intelligence’s network of partners

SINGAPORE, March 23rd, 2022 – Fourier Intelligence has announced a strategic alliance partnership with MyndTec Inc, an award-winning Canadian medical technology company specialising in innovative therapeutic medical devices.

This partnership will focus on the distribution of MyndMove™, a non-invasive functional electrical stimulation-based intervention, to the ever-expanding global network of Fourier Intelligence.

A virtual signing ceremony was held to commemorate the partnership between both parties. MyndTec’s CEO, Craig Leon, Co-Founder, Dr Milos R. Popovic, Fourier Intelligence Co-Founder and Global HQ CEO, Zen Koh, General Manager, Owen Teoh and Operations Director, Sandra Lee, attended the virtual event.

From top left: Mr Owen Teoh, General Manager, Fourier Intelligence, Dr Milos R. Popovic, Co-Founder MyndTec Inc., and Ms Sandra Lee, Operations Director, Fourier Intelligence.
From bottom left: Mr Craig Leon, CEO of MyndTec Inc. and Mr Zen Koh, Fourier Intelligence Global HQ CEO

This partnership is timely as both parties recently reached strategic milestones. Fourier Intelligence received a Series D growth investment led by the SoftBank Group and backed by the Saudi Aramco P7 Venture Fund and the Yuanjing Capital earlier this year. MyndTec met all the requirements of the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) and began trading its common shares on the CSE on February 24th under the ticker symbol MYTC.

“Our partnership with MyndTec Inc. signifies yet another successful strategic collaboration with market leaders to offer innovative and clinically effective technology for our patients globally,” said Zen Koh, Co-Founder and Global HQ CEO of Fourier Intelligence. “MyndMove™, an electrical stimulation-based intervention, integrates perfectly into Fourier’s RehabHub™ solution and complement our existing product/technology portfolio. Fourier will continue our investment into more of such joint technological developments to better provide highly integrated intelligent rehabilitation technologies to empower clinicians and patients.”

Fourier’s global network spans over 50 countries to ensure a broad market outreach for innovative technologies. With joint laboratories with some of the top research institutes in the world such as ETH Zürich, University of Melbourne, and Shirley Ryan AbilityLab in Chicago, Fourier is set to chart the new frontier of innovative medical technologies.

MyndMove™ therapy

“We are excited to enter into this meaningful partnership with Fourier Intelligence to strategically integrate our MyndMove™ technology into RehabHub™. Fourier’s proven track record establishing globally successful RehabHub™, positively changing patient lives globally and the addition of MyndTec’s innovative MyndMove™ therapy to this network will enable us to reach out to more patients worldwide,” said Craig Leon, CEO of MyndTec.

MyndTec’s medical devices are designed to improve function, maximise independence, and enhance the quality of life for individuals with upper limb paralysis due to stroke, spinal cord injury, or some cases of traumatic brain injury*.

MyndTec Inc. also partners with several organisations such as the KITE Research Institute, the research arm of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – University Health Network and the University of Toronto to develop and commercialise MyndMove™ therapy. The MyndMove™ therapy is also supported by numerous clinical studies, including randomised controlled trials in stroke and spinal cord injuries. The embedded stimulation protocols in MyndMove™ allows clinicians to stimulate natural, purposeful, and functional movements in patients.

*Disclaimer: MyndMove™ claims may differ depending on the jurisdiction. Please contact MyndTec for details.

Media Contact
MyndTec Inc.
Craig Leon
Email:  investor.relations@myndtec.com
(416) 569-0430

Fourier Intelligence
Grace NG
Senior Marketing Manager
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SoftBank-funded Fourier announced a strategic partnership with KINESIQ Inc.

The Canadian med-tech company, KINESIQ Inc. and SoftBank-funded Fourier Intelligence, the global leader in rehabilitation robotics, announces strategic partnership

Singapore, March 1, 2022 – Fourier Intelligence entered a bilateral strategic partnership with KINESIQ Inc. As part of the global partnership, KINESIQ and Fourier Intelligence will jointly launch the BalanceMotus™ KINE-SIM as part of the RehabHub™ concept globally in March 2022 in response to increasing demand for intelligent rehabilitation solutions.

BalanceMotus™ KINE-SIM

KINESIQ Inc. developed the BalanceMotus™ KINE-SIM, the world’s first balance and gait exercise equipment combining two motorised force plates with real-life scenarios dedicated to functional autonomy preservation in August 2021.

Fourier Intelligence’s RehabHub™

KINESIQ Inc. will fully integrate its technology into the Fourier Intelligence RehabHub™ Movement & Balance Series under this partnership. This comes timely as Fourier, which recently closed its Series D funding led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 and followed by Prosperity7 Ventures, an Aramco Ventures Fund and Vision Plus Capital, is accelerating its innovation in healthcare robotics solutions and expansion of global market reach.

“KINESIQ Inc. is very excited to enter into this strategic partnership,” said Lukas Dufault, President and CEO of KINESIQ Inc. “Our partnership with Fourier enables us to focus on delivering innovative healthcare solutions. This strategic partnership allows both parties to leverage on each other’s strength and resources, to increase further our installation base riding on Fourier’s Global Sales and Marketing network covering more than 54 countries.”

Zen Koh, Co-Founder and Global HQ CEO, Fourier Intelligence Group

“Fourier is pleased to be part of this global shift towards consolidation of healthcare solutions companies. We firmly believe our domain-specific expertise will fuel more of such strategic collaborations that address the healthcare challenges we see today,” said Zen Koh, Co-Founder and Global HQ CEO of Fourier Intelligence Group. “Fourier will continue to invest in such partnerships to stay ahead of the competition, and we look forward to the next stage of our journey, together with our strategic partners.”

For investor and media inquiries, please contact:
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Fourier Intelligence
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MotusAcademy Presents Webinar Series with Top Rehabilitation Technology Industry Leaders

In just two days, MotusAcademy will be launching its first Thematic Webinar Series alongside some of the world’s foremost rehabilitation technology industry leaders. At 1600 Hrs (GMT +8) on 17th Feb 2022, MotusAcademy will kickstart the first of its four-part virtual seminar series.

The launch will be officiated by MotusAcademy’s President, Professor Robert Riener, from the Sensory-Motor Systems lab at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology, ETH Zurich. Professor Riener is also the founder and organiser of CYBATHLON – an international multi-sport event in which people with physical disabilities compete in carrying out daily tasks using state-of-the-art technical assistance systems.

The first webinar will take the form of a coffee chat with the speakers where audiences have the opportunity to join the speakers in sharing their journey, experience and insights revolving around the industry of rehabilitation. After the session, audiences will surely have a better grasp of the missions, visions and goals, as well as the challenges and barriers of the rehabilitation industry.

The webinar speaker line-up includes:

  • Zen Koh, Co-founder and Group Deputy CEO of Fourier Intelligence – one of the world’s prominent developers in rehabilitation robotics solutions and technology.
  • Gery Colombo, Healthcare and Technology Expert; Founding President (2011 – 2019) of International Industry Society in Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (IISART); Founder and Former CEO of Hocoma AG – global market leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of robotic and sensor-based devices for functional movement therapy.
  • Alexander Kollreider, CTO and Founder of Tyromotion – one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of technology-based therapy.

Subsequent webinars will tap into in-depth topics of the rehabilitation industry, for example, hand robotics, limb robotics, balance technologies, telerehabilitation, functional electrical stimulation and augmented reality (AR). These sessions will also feature engineers, academics and clinicians to share real-life experiences in working with rehabilitation. Through the sharing sessions, audiences can appreciate the interrelationships between the different roles in the rehabilitation industry.

Unlike a typical one-hour webinar with only the speakers delivering their materials, MotusAcademy promises to present a discussion platform for all parties interested in rehabilitation technology. With that, audiences will be able to pose questions throughout the webinar session. Apart from getting on-the-spot first-hand responses from the experts, those questions will be utilised as perceptive references for the planning of future webinars.

About MotusAcademy

MotusAcademy is a dedicated platform for sharing knowledge in the field of advanced rehabilitation technology, including therapeutic robotics, assistive technologies and supporting technologies such as functional electrical stimulation and virtual reality. MotusAcademy is designed to support ongoing education and discussions between engineers, clinicians and researchers in the field of robotics technology. MotusAcademy’s affiliations include the IISART, CEN Academy and Masterclass in Neuro Technology (MiNT Concept) by Hobbs Rehabilitation.

Professor Robert Riener, President of MotusAcademy

For investor and media inquiries, please contact:
Grace Ng,
Senior Marketing Manager,
Fourier Intelligence
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IISART’s Next Incoming President – Zen Koh

SINGAPORE, Feb 10, 2022 Zen Koh, Co-Founder and Group Deputy CEO of Fourier Intelligence, has been elected as the incoming President of The International Industry Society in Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (IISART) during the society’s most recent virtual General Assembly on 20th January 2022. The election was conducted amongst the key members of IISART through an anonymous voting poll.

As a leader in the rehabilitation field for 20 years, Zen has founded several MedTech companies. “I am honoured to have the support from the members of IISART. With my presidency in IISART, we can drive the rehabilitation industry forward through adaptation in technologies and innovation,” said Zen, who has been awarded by MD+DI as one of the Top 40 Under 40 Future Most Influential Leaders in MedTech.

Dr Martina Spiess
Co-President of IISART (2019 – 2021)
Research Associate, Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Dr Martina Spiess, the Co-President of IISART (2019 – 2021) and a Research Associate from Zurich University of Applied Sciences, has stated, “The steering committee of IISART acknowledges Zen’s support and contribution throughout these years; Zen is no doubt the ideal candidate for the President of IISART”.

Dr Iris Jakob, PhD
The 2nd Co-President of IISART (2019 – 2021)
Scientific Coordinator, Tyromotion

Dr Iris Jakob, the second Co-President of IISART (2019 – 2021) and a Scientific Coordinator of Tyromotion, has described, “Zen is certainly well-connected and has proven his successes in the rehabilitation field. With Zen spearheading IISART, he will be the drive for different companies to collaboratively work together with IISART to promote knowledge and raise the standards of advanced rehabilitation technology”.

Gery Colombo, PhD
Founding President of IISART (2011 – 2019)
Founder & Former CEO, Hocoma

Dr Gery Colombo, the founder and former CEO of Hocoma AG and Founding President of IISART, has expressed that with Zen’s leadership, there will be diversity where different perspectives are valued and sought. “Closing the gaps between a manufacturer’s pain point and a customer’s standpoint, while prioritising the patient’s need, is what the industry is hoping to improve; Zen can contribute and help expedite the process. Take the RehabWeek for instance, numerous delegates will be able to corroborate that Zen was able to bring more people with similar interests together”.

“It is great and exciting to see how IISART is developing. With the seven new members, the society will become even stronger! Thank you to all the steering members for keeping this important mission going so well”, concluded Dr Gery Colombo at the end of the General Assembly.

IISART represents the interests of developers, manufacturers and marketers of medical devices with their products and services in Robotics, Virtual Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Electrical Stimulation. IISART strives to shape the future of rehabilitation with the collective efforts of its central panel members. For more information, please visit https://iisart.org/

Zen Koh, with ExoMotus™, the next-gen robots

For investor and media inquiries, please contact:
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Fourier Intelligence Closed RMB 400 Million in Series D Funding from SoftBank Vision Fund 2

The new funding will accelerate market expansion, enable innovation across its advanced healthcare robotics solutions and accelerate global growth opportunities

SINGAPORE, January 26, 2022 – Fourier Intelligence, a Shanghai-based medical technology company, received a growth investment of RMB 400 million in Series D Funding, led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 and backed by Saudi Aramco P7 Venture Fund and the Yuanjing Vision Plus Capital. The new funding will accelerate Fourier’s go-to-market expansion, enable innovation across its advanced healthcare robotics solutions and accelerate global growth opportunities.

Led by Alex Gu, Founder and Group CEO, and Zen Koh, Co-Founder and Group Deputy CEO, Fourier Intelligence is a global leader in Neurorehabilitation Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital rehabilitation solutions for the healthcare industry. Leveraging intelligent robotics, smart actuators, sensors, machine learning, and proprietary control algorithms, Fourier develops and provides an intelligent healthcare robotic platform, RehabHub™, that delivers tailored digital healthcare solutions that revolutionise the neurorehabilitation industry. The company has 1,000+ global institutional healthcare customers and 17 international research joint labs in Singapore, Chicago, Phoenix, Zürich, Melbourne, Madrid, Kobe, and Kuala Lumpur.

Fourier focused on delivering widespread patient access to technology-enabled therapies. We achieve this with our intelligent robotic solution, RehabHub™, which is effective and affordable.

— Zen Koh, Co-founder & Group Deputy CEO

 “The rehabilitation market has significant tech adoption potential, and we grew our revenue close to over 3 times in 2021, despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic.”, said Alex Gu, Founder and Group CEO of Fourier Intelligence. “China sees increasing demand for rehabilitation services with the ageing population, increased number of patients with chronic diseases, and rehab development in the clinics. There has been a continuous shortage of physicians nationwide. In addition, Fourier’s comprehensive product portfolio with solid capabilities in hardware (including force sensor, monitor, and controller) and algorithm (for force control and feedback) is well-positioned to address clinical pain points. We believe intelligent rehabilitation technology companies like Fourier Intelligence can solve the talent bottleneck and provide practical and quantifiable treatments to improve patient outcomes. We are pleased to partner with Joanne Xu and the SoftBank Investment Advisers team to continue our development of the intelligent rehabilitation sector. We look forward to harnessing their support to create significant value not only for the medical rehabilitation robotic communities but also for the robotic world to tackle the most complex global challenges facing humanity and the environment.”

As a global leading manufacturer and solutions provider of AI-powered rehabilitation robotics, Fourier is committed to technological innovation and has been leading, supporting, and participating in international scientific research in the field of rehabilitation robotics. Some of such initiatives are joint research laboratories, respectively, with the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab (formerly known as the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) in the United States, the University of Melbourne in Australia, ETH Zürich in Switzerland, National University of Singapore, Kobe University in Japan and the KITE Research Institute at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute in Canada. These partnerships put Fourier at the forefront of technological innovation and enable Fourier to offer industry-leading products across end-to-end rehabilitation services, with innovative solutions to solve specific clinical constraints.

Influential Colossal Investment Institution Backs Unicorn-to-be Neurorehabilitation Robotic Company in Defining the Future of the Industry

“As China’s population ages, there is increasing demand for rehabilitation services, but these patients face a shortage of qualified therapists,” said Joanne Xu, Partner at SoftBank Investment Advisers. “We believe that Fourier Intelligence is well placed to solve this talent bottleneck by using technology to provide effective and quantifiable treatments to achieve better patient outcomes. It has built an integrated solution combining a digital platform, hospital services and a comprehensive product portfolio in collaboration with 30+ world-leading hospitals and research institutions. We are excited to partner with Alex Gu and the team to support technological innovation in China’s rehabilitation sector.”

Driven by its vision of ‘rehabilitation for all’ through intelligent technology, Fourier Intelligence implemented a series of modern rehabilitation centres with strategic institutional clinical partners under its RehabHub™ concept. The possibility of data interconnectivity and multi-machine coordination between multiple rehabilitation robotics reduced the number of clinicians required, significantly improving efficiency and costs. The company aims to become a global one-stop solution provider for intelligent rehabilitation whilst providing world-class technology that is affordable and highly competitive for the clinical market.

“Our mission as a company is to enable widespread patient access to life-changing technology-enabled therapies. One of the biggest obstacles to achieving this is the high costs and low technology adoption rate. Our team focused on the urgent need to enhance availability, accessibility, and affordability, yet ensuring the effectiveness of our intelligent robotic solution, RehabHub™,” added Zen Koh. “The significant experience and capital that our strategic investors bring to Fourier will help us rapidly realise global commercialisation and to deliver these innovative therapies to as many patients as quickly as possible.”

“Prosperity 7 is thrilled to continue supporting Fourier in this latest round of investment and through ongoing strategic collaboration,” said Aysar Tayeb, Executive Managing Director of P7. “We hope to land Fourier’s rehabilitation solutions within the Kingdom’s network of hospitals and clinics and look forward to working with the company to deliver the most advanced rehabilitation services and solutions and improve recovery and the quality of life for patients in Saudi Arabia and beyond.”

For investor and media inquiries, please contact:
Grace Ng,
Senior Marketing Manager,
Fourier Intelligence
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Zen Koh spoke at the Future Investment Initiative (FII) 5th Anniversary event in Beijing

Zen Koh represented Fourier Intelligence at the Future Investment Initiative (FII) 5th Anniversary event alongside companies and institutions such as GE Health Group and BlackRock in Beijing

BEIJING, October 27, 2021 –Zen Koh, Co-Founder and Global Hub CEO, represented Fourier Intelligence at the Future Investment Initiative’s (FII) 5th Anniversary that took place in Beijing on October 26th to 28th 2021.

The FII Institute, which powers the Future Investment Initiative event, is a globally recognised institute that aims to leave a positive impact on humanity. The FII Institute foster great minds from all around the world and turn ideas into real-world solutions in five critical areas: Sustainability, Healthcare, Education, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Due to the current international traveling restrictions, several satellite hubs including Beijing, Paris and New York was set up to connect with the central venue in Riyadh in real time to be streamed live simultaneously. The conference was attended by politicians, business giants and industry leaders from all around the world including Saudi’s Treasury Minister – Mohammed Bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Jadaan, U.S. Treasury Secretary – Steven Terner Mnuchin, Italian Minister of Economy and Finance – Pier Carlo Padoan, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund – Kristalina Georgieva, World Bank President – David R. Malpass, HSBC Group CEO – Neol Quinn, UK General Electric (GE) Healthcare Group President and CEO – Kieran Murphy and many other influential figures.

The FII is also known as the “Desert Davos”. It is chaired by Saudi Arabia’s Economic and Development Commission, Chairman of the Public Investment Fund and Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul of Saudi Arabia. Through the 3-day immersive conference, the objective was to explore the multiple investment fields and development paths that will help shape the future of global economy and drive the economic reform to shape the future of global investment.

The conference mainly focused on topics concerning 4 areas which were health, sustainable development, AI, and robotics. Within the framework of this agenda, participants traded ideas about post-pandemic solutions to public health’s issues and challenges. Healthcare was the major portion of the discussion during the conference.

Zen Koh, Fourier Intelligence’s Co-Founder & Deputy CEO, was invited to deliver a keynote speech on “Robotics – Future of Neurorehabilitation” in the Beijing satellite hub, shared how AI and robotics reshaped the medical rehabilitation industry in China’s upstream and downstream industrial chains. He also explained how this will create a sustainable rehabilitation ecosystem and a new blueprint for intelligent rehabilitation for all. Fourier Intelligence’s concept and business insights became the highlight of the conference and unlocked a new vision for the future.

Zen mentioned during his interview, that investments should not be pursued to “make quick money” or to purely gain profit that may leave a negative impact on the environmental development or, to increase the gap between the rich and the poor. “Mankind is a community with a shared future. The sustainable development of mankind advocated by the FII summit is meaningful, which coincides with Fourier’s concept of development.” said Zen.

“By changing the rehabilitation methods of individual patients, we are promoting reformation of the industry. The need to standardise intelligent rehabilitation will accelerate the transformation of traditional rehabilitation medicine to a more modern one. In China, Fourier Intelligence is developing this concept from the ground level to the community. Our objective is to continuously contribute more and more to the health and well-being of mankind.” Said Zen Koh, further assuring Fourier Intelligence’s involvement in this industry for the years to come.

At this conference, Fourier Intelligence has managed to attract worldwide attention with its top scientific research, global strategic deployments, advanced concepts, and broad market development prospects. In addition, Fourier Intelligence received tens of millions of USD in the C+ financing round led by Saudi Aramco’s Prosperity7 Ventures fund in July this year. Both parties has plans to carry out in-depth cooperation in clinical applications and scientific research.

For investor and media inquiries, please contact:
Sarah Lim, Senior Manager
Fourier Intelligence
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Fourier Intelligence Awarded Leading Rehabilitation Technology Enterprise by KPMG

Tech Unicorn, Fourier Intelligence, was awarded the Top 4 Leading Rehabilitation Technology Enterprise by KPMG China

SHANGHAI, October 21, 2021 – Fourier Intelligence was selected and awarded the Top 4 Leading Rehabilitation Technology Enterprise by KPMG and the China Association of Non-Public Health Institutions, co-organised by the Health Sector Strategy in an event that was held in Shanghai recently.

The launch of this event comes as no surprise as KPMG has been paying close attention to the development of the medical industry for a long time. In May 2020, KPMG and the China Association of Non-Public Health Institutions jointly issued the “Rehabilitation Medicine Trends Guide” which reported an annual growth rate of 22.5% in the number of inpatients in rehabilitation in China in the past 10 years. This figure is expected to reach the scale of hundreds of billions in the next couple of years.

The objective of the event was to encourage enterprises to achieve medical and rehabilitation benchmarks and to promote the industry’s best practices. The event also serves as a platform to discuss obstacles that are slowing the industry’s development and explore options for ways to promote high-quality rehabilitation development in China.

In this event ceremony, Fourier Intelligence was recognised and awarded the “Leading Rehabilitation Technology Enterprise Award” for its efforts in developing and promoting rehabilitation technologies these past years. Fourier Intelligence was 1 of the 4 chosen rehabilitation technology enterprises in the whole of China to be given this award.

The award is given based on certain criteria such as core technology, brand reputation, investments in R&D, development potential and social responsibilities. Other criteria such as safety issues and incidents are also considered when awarded with the achievement.

Despite having many top rehabilitation technology companies in China, Fourier Intelligence is the only company from Shanghai to be awarded. “This is a very big milestone for us as a company. To be awarded and acknowledged by one of the most reputable companies in the world is an honour and will definitely motivate us to achieve more in the future.” Said Zen Koh, the co-founder and Global Hub CEO of Fourier Intelligence.

“This award further solidifies Fourier Intelligence’s technology and made all our work in the past few years’ worth it. We are more driven now to promote high-quality rehabilitation technology and make it more accessible to everyone.”

According to KPMG Asia Pacific and China Chairman, Tao Kuangchun, he said “Health is the foundation of economic development and an important symbol of the national prosperity and rejuvenation. We believe that rehabilitation medicine plays a very vital role in maintaining national health and can improve the patients’ quality of life and rebuild their confidence.

“In recent years, the state has paid great attention to rehabilitation medicine and has repeatedly introduced relevant measures to encourage the development of rehabilitation in China,” said Mr Tao.

For investor and media inquiries, please contact:
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Fourier Intelligence
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Future Investment Initiative

Fourier Intelligence Invited to Speak at the Future Investment Initiative (FII) 5th Anniversary

Future Investment Initiative

Fourier Intelligence has been invited to speak at the Future Investment Initiative (FII) 5th Anniversary event alongside companies and institutions such as GE Health Group and BlackRock

BEIJING, October 20, 2021 – Fourier Intelligence, who will be represented by Zen Koh, Co-Founder and Global Hub CEO, has been invited to speak at the Future Investment Initiative’s (FII) 5th Anniversary that will be taking place in Beijing on the 26th and 27th of October.

FII Institute, which powers the Future Investment Initiative event, is a globally recognised institute that aims to leave a positive impact on humanity. Building on environmental, social and governance principles, the FII Institute foster great minds from all around the world and turn ideas into real-world solutions in five critical areas: Sustainability, Healthcare, Education, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

The Future Investment Initiative (FII) is the annual investment forum that is held to discuss trends in the world economy and investment environment. The objective of the event is to acknowledge the need for sustainable change in the wake of the pandemic, as global leaders and investors are seeking to create value, growth, and impact. The 5th anniversary of the FII serves as a unique call to action with its theme being “Invest of Humanity” for a brighter future for all.

This event is set to have more than 250 speakers, including head of state, global executives, policymakers, investors, and innovators from all around the world. FII Institute has created a program that focuses action on the theme “Invest in Humanity” with deep dives into core areas that are driving businesses, government, and investment such as AI, Robotics, Education, Healthcare and Sustainability.

Alongside companies such as GE Health Group, BlackRock, FIFA, and SoftBank Group, Fourier Intelligence will be the only robotic rehabilitation company to be invited and participate in this event. Zen Koh, who will be speaking during this event, has expressed his gratitude towards the invitation. “We are very honoured and thankful that all our efforts these past few years has become fruitful. This invitation shows that everything that we have achieved and produced these few years is acknowledged and well accepted worldwide”.

Zen will be sharing about Fourier Intelligence’s strategy moving forward in rehabilitation and the future of the rehabilitation industry in general. “We will be touching on how we believe that robotics is the future of rehabilitation and how it can integrate to empower everyone.” Zen also mentioned that he will further elaborate on how Fourier Intelligence’s RehabHub™ can be the next sustainable step for the future of rehabilitation.

CEO of FII Institute, Richard Attias said, “The 5th Anniversary of FII has been specifically designed to leverage the transformation of the past year to ensure progress, prosperity, and opportunity for all. FII’s interactive program features conversations with global leaders, executive roundtables and networking with CEOs and policymakers. What makes FII stand out is the commitment to turning conversations into actions, and that will continue as we will create solutions to positively impact humanity.”

For more details about FII Institute and for the 5th anniversary event, please visit www.fii-institute.org.

For investor and media inquiries, please contact:
Sarah Lim, Senior Manager
Fourier Intelligence
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