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Fourier Intelligence wows visitors with self-propelled exoskeleton at NIDays Asia

The domestic leader in rehabilitation robotics played up its links with National Instruments (NI) at a major industrial fair, going back to their partnership on creating the industry's first open-source exoskeleton platform


Fourier Intelligence ExoMotus X2 on display at NIDays Asia 2019.

Shanghai, November 16, 2019 – Fourier Intelligence, a leading designer and producer of rehabilitation robots from China, took part in the NIDays Asia 2019 event on November 14 in Shanghai, with the head of its joint laboratory speaking at a conference on the same day.

The Shanghai startup exhibited its ExoMotus X2 lower limb exoskeleton during the NIDays Asia 2019, which ran from November 14 to 15 at the Shanghai International Convention Center.

This is an event organised by National Instruments, a US company specialising in automated test and measurement systems. NI was a key partner involved in the launch of Fourier Intelligence's first-of-its-kind exoskeleton & robotics open platform system, or EXOPS, in January this year.

Visitors to Fourier Intelligence's booth saw how signals generated by ExoMotus X2 were picked up by NI's LabVIEW engineering software and transformed into specifications visible to a laptop user interface, according to Shi Yunhao, Senior Technical Support Engineer of Fourier Intelligence.

"Visitors were mostly interested in how the supply of NI's technology is used to operate the X2," said Shi. "They also quizzed us [Fourier's staff] on the differences between the clinical and home versions of our exoskeleton."

Shi added that NI's signal collection board has access to hardware like the motors inside the robot and is able to gather force feedback data. Through NI's LabVIEW software, these data can be tracked real-time and analysed for further application.

Fourier Intelligence was one of the most visited booths at this year's NIDays Asia, especially when its self-powered exoskeleton drew amazed visitors and sparked a wave of queries concerning the four-year-old startup's latest developments in rehabilitation technology and clinical care empowerment.

Shi of Fourier Intelligence said he had been approached by visitors with questions ranging from the application scenarios of its exoskeletons to the proven effects they have on restoration of lost physical abilities in patients suffering from spinal cord injuries, paralysis or partial strokes.

Professor Denny Oetomo, director of the joint research lab formed by Fourier Intelligence and the University of Melbourne, gives a talk on rehabilitation robotics and the EXOPS system on November 14 at NIDays Asia 2019.

Denny Oetomo, associate professor at University of Melbourne and director of the joint research lab founded last year by Fourier Intelligence and the Australian university, delivered a talk on the afternoon of November 14 on rehabilitation robotics and Fourier Intelligence's vision with the EXOPS system.

Professor Oetomo said neurological trauma resulting in movement impairment require hours of treatment of the patients by the therapists, but currently it is a need far from being met under current modes of healthcare delivery.

"Robotic devices, capable of not only taking systemic measurements but also delivering measurable, consistent and safe assistance, form an effective solution in meeting this need," he claimed.

It is with this purpose that the joint laboratory he heads carried out a user-led design of rehabilitation and assistive robotic devices.

"In the various stages of this process, NI tools were utilised, from the early-stage prototyping, development of research algorithms to the development of an open platform of the commercial rehabilitation robots that can be made available to the international research community," Professor Oetomo said, referring to the role of NI software in the EXOPS platform.

"The development of the open platform robotic facility allows the research community to leverage on existing algorithms developed by others without reinventing the wheels, implemented on the same commercial robotic platforms to facilitate benchmarking," he noted.

About Fourier Intelligence

Fourier Intelligence is a technology-driven company, infusing creativity into the development of exoskeleton and rehabilitation robotics since 2015. Together with researchers, therapists and patients, we aim to excel in developing and redefining rehabilitation robotics solutions with interconnectable intelligent robotics technology by elevating user experience with an intuitive, easy-to-use system to enhance the lives of the both patients and therapists.

For investor and media inquiries, please contact:

Mr Zen Koh (Deputy CEO/Chief Strategy Officer)
Fourier Intelligence
Phone: +65-9338-2328




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