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Fourier Intelligence Successfully Raises Series B Financing Round

The company has completed a new round of funding to accelerate investment in research and development, sales and support


Shanghai, May 22, 2019 – Fourier Intelligence today announced it has successfully completed its Series B financing round led by Shenzhen Guozhong Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. (Guozhong Venture Capital), a leading small and medium enterprises development fund, with participation from existing investors IDG Capital and Volcanics Venture. The funds will be invested to expand Fourier Intelligence's product line, develop its intelligent rehabilitation robotic platform and consolidate its leading market position.

"Our investors' endorsements strengthen our resolve in providing revolutionary solutions within the rehabilitation industry. Since the Series A funding round, we have achieved significant growth and established key strategic global partnerships," says Fourier Intelligence CEO Alex Gu. "The latest investment will fuel our momentum in further expanding our client base."

"We are delighted to partner with Guozhong Venture Capital to jointly build an intelligent robotics-based rehabilitation platform company by integrating high-quality resources both at home and abroad." he claimed.

Headquartered in Shanghai and with offices in Singapore and Australia, Fourier Intelligence is an innovative global technology company focusing on the developing, manufacturing and marketing of rehabilitation robotics and exoskeleton.

Founded in 2015, the company has teamed up with experienced researchers, engineers and medical specialists to develop evidence-based top-quality medical technologies.

"We are excited about investing in Fourier Intelligence and believe that this all-star team can continue its excellent track record in developing innovative, clinically applicable products to revolutionize the rehabilitation industry," says Pang Changwei, investment director of Guozhong Venture Capital.

He adds that "rehabilitation is an important and vastly underrated industry, and we trust that Fourier Intelligence is well-positioned to change this industry with its innovative products and strong global networks."

The company has achieved dynamic growth in the past years. More than 400 hospitals and research institutes have installed technologies developed by Fourier Intelligence across more than 15 countries. It aims to transform rehabilitation through its innovative robotic ecosystem that complements conventional therapy.

Recent research indicates that there are four therapists for every 100,000 patients in China. This translates into a shortage of up to 300,000 therapists and the need for therapists is continuously growing due to demographic change, increased life expectancy and the associated health requirements.

Fourier Intelligence Rehabilitation Harbor

Fourier Intelligence is committed to closing that shortfall through developing and promoting intelligent robotic solutions.

The company believes that this will help improve clinical efficiency, trim tedious repetitive manual therapy processes and increase the number of patients per hour of treatment. The application of the company's revolutionary solutions can vastly improve existing conventional rehabilitation while quality clinical data can be used to monitor the recovery process.

About Fourier Intelligence

Fourier Intelligence is an innovative global technology company focusing on developing, manufacturing and marketing of rehabilitation robotics and exoskeleton. The company is committed to making life easier for overworked therapists by cutting their workload since much of their treatment is person to person. Fourier's ultimate goal is to enhance the efficiency of therapy for stroke victims and other patients and help to fill the shortfall of qualified therapists in China and beyond.

For investor and media inquiries, please contact:

Mr Zen Koh (Deputy CEO / Chief Strategy Officer)
Fourier Intelligence
Phone: +65-9338-2328




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