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Fourier Intelligence Aims to 'Grab' a Piece of the Korean Rehabilitation Market Share

Company to expand the Korean market with the opportunity of attending the Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (KARM) conference 2019


Shanghai, April 30, 2019 – Fourier Intelligence, striving for the goal of innovation, robotics and quality of life, showcases its integrated intelligent rehabilitation solutions at Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (KARM) conference in 2019. During the exhibition, Fourier Intelligence, together with its Korean partners, features its innovative technology and products to shape and further promote the future of Korean rehabilitation market.

KARM is the host of the largest rehabilitation medicine conference and exhibition in Korea. With its remarkable growth and importance, it plays a decisive role to connect experts around the globe to expand and encourage Korean rehabilitation market. The invitation to attend this year's KARM conference is, therefore, an essential step for Fourier Intelligence to establish brand awareness in East Asia and to introduce products to the Korean audience. Fourier Intelligence receives excellent feedback from attendees, reflecting the great potential to develop and position its products in the Korean market.

Cooperating with experienced Korean partners in the rehabilitation field creates a more in-depth understanding ofthe requirements of the customers and the market. Additionally, the joint-lab with the University of Melbourne can better indicate our research and development strength and thereby increase consumer confidence.

Fourier Intelligence Korean partner introduces products to the audience

Analysing Korean's rehabilitation market, it is evident that with the demographic change lots of rehabilitation hospitals and clinics in Korea are urgently pursuing intelligence rehab devices. However, most rehabilitation robots in the market are costly and thus difficult to access. Small and middle-sized rehabilitation hospitals and clinics are not able to afford these  expensive products. "Fourier Intelligence's cost-effective and high-technology products, as well as the compact and concise design,  are meeting the needs of the market, which creates a great competitive advantage," says Fourier Korean partners. "The Fourier team always listens to the needs of our customers and continuously work to innovate and offer options that benefit users and enable better care. This kind of practice could motivate Fourier Intelligence to become the market leader gradually gradually."

As the partner addressed, local brands with large market shares receive higher acceptance and are dominating the market. However, challenges coexist with opportunities such as the high demand and increasing investments of government in rehabilitation medicine. Fourier Intelligence is confident that with the reliable local partner, this partnership would have the collective resources, know-how and innovative drive to empower people to improve their capability.

Show Fourier lower-extremity rehabilitation robotics to the audience

"It is believed that our products will not only promote the new technologies but also popularise the effects of proper training among rehab robotics in Korea. We want to equip our customers with the right tools to take control of their recovery process and provide ways to emphasise the importance of rehabilitation." Says Sandra LEE, Fourier Intelligence International Sales Manager. 

Becoming a new influencer in the market, Fourier Intelligence is devoted to a constant optimisation of products and market strategies. It will provide comfort and high-tech alternative to traditional rehabilitation training and enable exciting practising games for the rehabilitation market. 




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