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EXOPS Initiated by Fourier Intelligence Goes Live Globally

Company Chief Strategy Officer, Zen Koh, delivers a keynote speech to drive innovations and collaborations in exoskeleton during wearable robotics conference


Shanghai, 15 April 2019 – Fourier Intelligence, an international innovative rehabilitation company, introduces brand new exoskeleton and robotics open platform system (EXOPS) at the Wearable Robotics Association 2019 (WearRAcon 19), in the USA. The annual event brings together experts from around the globe, to further promote and accelerate the development of exoskeleton technology, with enhancements for real-life adoption. This event provides a communication platform to establish crucial cooperation to send a coherent message and mark the future robotics industry trend. Without a doubt, this introduces a significant shift in the exoskeleton industry.

WearRAcon assembles all aspects of the wearable technology industry as a community to connect, exchange thoughts and provide the latest information. Fourier Intelligence attends this event for the third year in a row and is honoured to be responsible for one main session this time. None other than Dr Huge Herr of MIT and Dr Robert Riener from ETH Zurich opened the event with a magnificent start presenting an impressive and inspiring content. Zen Koh, CSO of Fourier Intelligence, as the only entrepreneur speaking, gives a talk titled ‘Application of Exoskeleton in NeuroRehabilitation: Vision and Technical Challenges’. The lecture wins great response and receives plenty of cooperation intention from attendees.

CSO Zen Koh introduces EXOPS to the audience

Why is Fourier Intelligence so compelling and what is its core advantages comparing to others? The answer is revealed through the launch of EXOPS. EXOPS is the first ever open and advanced platform in the exoskeleton industry and is deepening the understanding of this technology and moreover, expands the possibilities of multidiscipline communications. 

The sponsors of EXOPS are not only Fourier Intelligence but also National Instruments and the University of Melbourne. EXOPS aims to offer users a combination of productive software and modular hardware while delivering multiple locomotion patterns. As a result, it could be beneficial for creating a user-defined robotics solution and applying it into various social aspects. One primary goal that EXOPS wants to archive is breaking the boundary of isolation of connecting global researchers. Eventually, it will make the exoskeleton available to the general public.

The Framework of EXOPS

“We suppose that exploring and working together would outpace the speed with which new technology is individually implemented,” says Zen Koh, CSO of Fourier Intelligence. “We are the first company to contribute technology to build an open platform. With the opportunity to engage in WearRACon, we would like to launch EXOPS worldwide and attempt to lower the high entry cost of powered exoskeleton and robot research. Not only research labs lacking mechanical structure techniques but also clinics urge to carry out relevant study could all apply EXOPS to design a customized system to achieve their requirements.”

Mr Koh also outlines the challenges confronted in the development of exoskeleton. One is related to safety issues referring to walking balance, weight shift and gait symmetry. The other is about consideration of wearable comfort and how to appropriately transfer it into clinical application. The individual ability may not be sufficient to solve these problems; however, cooperation gains creative spark. EXOPS would pool ideas together to provide a complete solution than personnel realized.

More importantly, EXOPS is not a comparison arena to testify that one exoskeleton model is better than the other. Instead, it is a step forward in representing what variable performance could be achieved, enhancing the technological level and increasing the research efficiency.

Fourier Intelligence would continuously endeavour to increase technology content for providing more competitive supply chain and industrialisation ability. As Mr Zen says, “We are expected to counter the challenges; meanwhile we prepare to work with partners to address a bigger market.”

More information on Fourier Intelligence’s EXOPS, including the latest functions and programs, are available on




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