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Chinese Company Fourier Intelligence has announced their first Exoskeleton – Fourier X1

Fourier Intelligence has unveiled its first Powered Exoskeleton – Fourier X1 in Shanghai on 17th March 2017.


A small step for a patient is a significant step in the development of exoskeleton robot technology. “Made in China with Wisdom” in this field recently had a landmark breakthrough after Israel’s ReWalk Robotics, Japan’s Cyberdyne and American’s Ekso. 

Fourier Intelligence is a startup founded in 2015 at Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park; the company name is inspired by the French Mathmatician - Joseph Fourier and his honored works which is well known as the Fourier Series. 

Fourier Intelligence, is a technology company providing exoskeleton robotic products and service on rehabilitation & orthoses. Their aim is to transfer the human capabilities and push them to go beyond of the physical limits.

Fourier Intelligence CEO represented their newest exoskeleton - Fourier X1

As he said: At Fourier Intelligence, we do not believe these people are fated to sit on the wheelchair in their rest life. To let them stand up, and to allow them to walk again, we started to develop a genuinely new exoskeleton products. This began by analysing the human biomechanics data to measure the both body geometry and gait. Besides, the battery-powered system features a light and wearable exoskeleton with powerful motors at both hip and knee joints. 

Fourier X1 is the first exoskeleton introduced the haptic feedback into the exoskeleton. By placing the haptic sensors on each joint and sole of exoskeleton, it can monitoring the patient’s joint & plantar pressure and adapt the gait trajectory to the dynamic enviroment’ told by Fourier Intelligence CTO. 

Fourier X1 also applied the industral design into the exoskeleton. By putting the Alimunm body and CFRP plate together, Fourier X1 is the most singular and envolved representation of the design.

All of these works deliver a remarkable powered exoskeleton which offers the people with mobility impairment a exceptional walking experence at home and in community.

The engineers also developed a Fourier X Clinical Version for clinicians to offer the gait therapy for stroke and spinal cord injured patients. It allows therapists to provide safe, intense, customized and goal-oriented gait training sessions.

As the video demonstrated: We believe in a bright future that all the people will intuitively interact with the robot. This belief inspires us to create more products that unlock the human strength, endurance and capabilities.

The guests attended this launch event include: Prof. Leonard Li, the President of WFNR; Prof. Jianan Li, the Past President of International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM); Prof. Stephanie Clarke, the Past President of WFNR; Fengjian Xu, the President of China Association of People with Physical Disabled (CAPPD).

From left to right: Fengjian Xu, Prof. Jianan Li, Prof. Leonard Li

Middle: Prof. Stephanie Clarke


Learn More:

Fourier X1 Video on YouTube (Story)

Fourier X1 Video on YouTube (Product)




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